Sell ​​Bronze Feng Shui

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Sell ​​Bronze Feng Shui
Sell ​​Bronze Feng Shui

Introduction Mai Hoa Kim Tien is feng shui shape shaped bronze Hoa Mai pentagram, with many uses:

First + sub's disarmament and avoid non-market,

+ Monday to support the campaign

+ Tuesday increased wealth prosperity.

Sell  Bronze feng shui to make money bringing very common use, such as sub-human disarmament, avoid gossip.
Plus, the Bronze Leopard funds also carry a certain style thuy.nhu meaning "Plum Flower metallic money "mean currency denominated apricot flowers with five petals.

+ One side hit "contingent self" means: LIFE (life expectancy) - STATEMENT (fate) - PRIME (head) - PHU (wealth) and YOU (advance) on 5 petals.

Storage Units+ The rest is DAO TIEN (meaning longevity) - BIRD HOTEL (auspicious) and bullion (ie wealth) with Double (happy) and reindeer (buds).
Adding, feng shui map far more attention transport means of support, both financial stimulus fortune prosperity wealth.
They also put coins concept that apricot in desk or to the realizable vide wishes.
Size: 5.3 cm diameter

Bronze Coins Mai Hoa  design like instant channel 5 Types of coins used in feng shui, which means 5 petals symbolizing the five elements.

Sell ​​Bronze Feng Shui
Sell ​​Bronze Feng Shui

Use a coin guide apricot feng shui

I put two coins in the safe place or altar god of wealth, ...

Feng Shui coins Hoa Mai has five elementary wing's disarmament goals to avoid non-market,

There are also many special uses:

+ Avoid bad thing

+ Avoid Elementary's

+ Increase the campaign

+ Bring back the good grace

+ Live longevity than

+ Increase in job luck

Contacts at the store now to get more information:

Hotline: 098.5575.332

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